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What is Schools Partnership Tutors?

SP Tutors (Schools Partnership Tutors) is a new organisation established for schools to work together in partnership to make the most effective use possible of tutoring for disadvantaged pupils. Disadvantaged pupils are not less able; they have fewer opportunities to access the resources and support they need to make the progress in school they would otherwise be able to make.

With the advent of the National Tutoring Programme, we want to ensure our pupils receive the very best catch-up education from the very best tutors. So we need to ensure that tutors are well-prepared, supported and committed.

SP Tutors will be working closely with Unity and Norwich Research Schools to ensure that evidence informs the practice of tutors and offers advice to schools involved. We have applied to become an tuition partner so we can provide tutoring to schools across our area. Tuition Partners will be announced on the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) website on 2nd November 2020.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme is a Government-funded, sector-led initiative to support schools in addressing the impact of Covid-19 school closures on pupils’ learning. It provides additional support to help pupils who have missed out the most as a result of school closures. The programme has two aspects – NTP Tuition Partners and NTP Academic Mentors:

  • NTP Academic Mentors (formerly referred to as coaches)
    Trained graduates will be employed by schools in the most disadvantaged areas to provide intensive catch-up support to their pupils, allowing teachers in these schools to focus on their class teaching. The proposal here focuses on NTP Tuition Partners but should schools in the area qualify for NTP Academic Mentors, these graduates could be offered training and support too.
  • NTP Tuition Partners
    Schools will be able to access heavily subsided tutoring from an approved list of tuition partners. These organisations – who will all be subject to quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards will find and train high-quality tutors, and will work in partnership with schools to ensure quality is assured.

Why choose Schools Partnership Tutors?

We are perfectly placed to offer:

  • Evidence-informed, face-to-face training and online training
  • Long-term and ongoing support for tutors
  • A large network covering a large geographical area
  • An established teacher training network of mentors
  • Pupil Premium and curriculum experts’ support

How will it work?

Schools Partnership Tutors are running a two-strand programme:

Becoming a great tutor!

Working with SPT to find great tutors