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A family of interdependent schools with a shared ambition to transform lives

Developing a high quality and evidence-informed approach…

…to achieve the highest standards of education

…with children at its heart

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Unity Schools Partnership is a family of secondary, primary and special schools located in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk as well as Romford in East London.

We share the same values and face similar issues, while providing a close network of support and challenge.

We recognise the unique characteristics of each of the communities we work in and how they are reflected in distinctive school cultures.

Making Remarkable Change Happen

We are committed to a partnership that respects, sustains and supports. We encourage cultural diversity, celebrate the special qualities of each of our schools and recognise that communities must develop and grow to become sustainable.

Our central belief is that every young life is special – open to possibility, gifted with the potential to change the world for the better. Our ambition is to unlock the potential of all children, remove the barriers to aspiration and ensure that all our children succeed.