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Working with us

Unity Schools Partnership is made up of a family of secondary, primary, middle and special schools located on the Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire borders, as well as Romford in East London.

We refer to ourselves as a family because, throughout the trust, we foster a supportive and collaborative relationship, whilst recognising, and celebrating that, we are all different and have our own contextual characteristics. Sharing the same values and facing similar issues not only enables us to support each other, but to challenge each other too. This interdependence allows each of our schools to flourish and grow; providing stimulating, nurturing yet self-challenging environments in which our pupils and staff members can thrive.

We not only share values and princples, but also operational processes and good practice to ensure quality education for all our young people.

Our central belief is that every young life is special – open to possibility, gifted with the potential to change the world for the better no matter their starting point. Our ambition is to unlock the potential of all children, remove the barriers that limit aspiration and ensure that all our children succeed.

Why Work for Unity Schools Partnership

A message from our CEO, Dr Tim Coulson

We want to recruit and retain the very best people in their area of expertise. Everyone who works for the trust contributes towards improving outcomes for children in one way or another. Some have a direct influence and some have an indirect influence, but everyone plays their part.

Our primary focus is the children – smashing through barriers and making remarkable change happen. To make this a reality we have to allow teachers to teach and leaders to lead. Every role within the trust supports them and enables them to concentrate on what matters – high-quality teaching and learning for all our pupils.

With that in mind, retaining quality staff and positively affecting their wellbeing is paramount. We want everyone to feel that they are important and valued in their roles, and that the right people have the right opportunities to progress within the trust. For schools, consistency of support is important, and for pupils, consistency of relationships is important, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds or SEND pupils.

The HR department has worked to provide numerous staff benefits, such as Wellbeing Support, Legal Advice Helpline, preferential rates at Lex Autoleasing, discounted gym membership, Cycle to Work Scheme, 24/7 Help and Advice Line for all family and work aspects.

We also offer a generous pension scheme, flexible working and professional development opportunities.

Work with us. Learn with us. Grow with us.

Job Roles within Unity Schools Partnership

Unity Schools Partnership is one of Suffolk’s largest employers. With a growing number of schools and a large central team supporting the schools there is a wide variety of job and career opportunities with us. Below are a few examples of the sorts of roles we offer (in no particular order). Please visit Our People to get a broader view of the Central Team:

In School Roles

Teaching Roles

  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Learning Support Assistant
  • Senior Leadership
  • Middle Leadership
  • Trainee Teacher
  • NQT

Support Roles

  • Science Technician
  • Mid-Day Supervisor
  • Before and After School Worker
  • Administrator
  • Financial Officer
  • Receptionist
  • Caretaker
  • Cleaner
  • Pastoral Worker
  • Wellbeing Adviser
  • Behaviour Support
  • Volunteer
  • Apprentice

Central Team Roles

(Leadership & Non-leadership Roles)

  • Finance
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • IT
  • Operations
  • School Support & Improvement
  • Health & Safety
  • GDPR & Safeguarding
  • Administration
  • Communications
  • Procurement

School Improvement

  • Specialist Subject Adviser
  • Executive Team
  • Curriculum Adviser
  • PP Adviser
  • Research Lead
  • SEND Adviser
  • Primary Support
  • Secondary Support
  • Senior Manager

Working with other schools

We will work with schools that can subscribe to the values and principles set out in the introductory section above, and who are prepared to take responsibility and share resources with others. This approach is already improving the life chances of pupils in primary, special and secondary schools.