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Bug or Butterflies? Parent Workshop

Where:Online – Zoom

A session to help you, as parents, to understand how to support your child with attending school.

We are all trying to do the best by our children, and as parents, it is sometimes difficult to know when you should keep your child off school and when you should send them into school! This virtual session will help you to recognise if actually, it’s all about feeling a bit worried about going to school rather than being unwell! Packed with practical ideas and tips about supporting a ‘nervous’ child who sometimes struggles to leave you, or who is worried about going into school or both! We offer simple strategies for you to use which will support your child to grow in confidence and cope with the everyday ups and downs of school life. There will be a chance to ‘chat’ and ask questions and find out when we are next in your child’s school to book an appointment with one of us.

You have a choice of one of three sessions:

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