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We, at Unity Schools Partnership, are proud of our five sixth forms located in Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Great Cornard (Sudbury), Felixstowe and Romford.

Each has their own unique identity and takes pride in ensuring the highest level of achievement for their students.

Each sixth form welcomes students from all schools in their localities, providing the required entry standards are reached. You do not need to have attended a Unity secondary school before joining us.

Each of our sixth forms set high expectations by offering:

  • great teaching across a wide range of subjects
  • personalised support and guidance for each student
  • range of activities and opportunities to ensure two memorable years before students transition to university, specialist college, apprenticeships, or employment.

We are delighted to see so many of our pupils succeed in taking up their choice of university study.

The success of our sixth forms comes from the careful planning that takes place at the beginning of the year and the monitoring of progress throughout. We set ambitious targets for each student, taking into account their individual needs and aspirations. Each sixth form works in partnership with students and their families to strive for the best possible outcomes.

Clear rules and routines ensure learning takes place in well-ordered and welcoming environments, where everybody feels secure and supported in working to achieve their goals.

We would highly recommend that you visit your local Sixth Form and see, for yourself, the great opportunities available to you locally.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Sixth Form Challenge Day

One of the benefits of being part of a large trust is that our sixth forms can easily collaborate and benefit from working together, like in the Sixth Form Trust Challenge Day.

The Sixth Form Trust Challenge is an annual competition between all of the Trust Sixth Form Centres and is sponsored by Wardale Williams.

Each Sixth form competes in a variety of activities which includes the University Challenge, Public Speaking, as well as the Creative, Engineering and Physical Challenges.

The students can only compete in any two of the five events, which makes it even more competitive and strategic!

Each year the event is hosted by a different Sixth Form and Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form are the current champions.

The following photos are a small window into the fun we have and the great experiences we provide.

Meet Our Sixth Forms

Haverhill Community Sixth Form

Here at Haverhill Community Sixth Form, our aim is to deliver excellence everywhere for our pupils in a school-based setting and to ensure the highest academic success for all our students. We provide the best of both Worlds:

  • the independence and flexibility you would expect in a college with;
  • the support, guidance and high-quality teaching you would expect of a great school.

During your time here our enthusiastic Sixth Form team will model and guide you to develop the independence, adaptability and resilience you will need for the future, whether you are entering University, going into employment or undertaking high quality training courses.

At HC6 we take pride in the high quality, purposeful pastoral and academic support that we provide you with – utilising a wide range of personalised interventions to support you with any wellbeing or academic requirements in our caring and respectful environment.

The teaching team works hard to ensure the future success of students from Haverhill and beyond. Whether you attend Samuel Ward Academy, Castle Manor Academy or study further afield, we know you can thrive as part of our Community.

“I chose to stay at Haverhill Community Sixth Form, after successfully completing my GCSE’s with the support from the teachers, who showed me how to stay determined and positive throughout my revision and exams”


You will have many opportunities at Haverhill Community Sixth Form, alongside your studies. Perhaps you will: be elected to one of our leadership positions; support younger students; raise money for charities; organise and run community events; star in our drama or music productions; represent us in the wider community; take part in HC6 student vs teacher events.

We have high expectations of everyone within the HC6 community and it is because of this that you are able to foster your own high expectations of yourself enabling you to accomplish your goals whist you study with us and beyond.

If you are interested in joining our community at HC6 I would be delighted to hear from you.

St Edward’s C of E Academy Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form is a place of academic excellence. High quality teaching and learning are at the heart of everything we do.  We are passionate about promoting the talents of our young people because we want them to achieve academically, as well as develop their personal, social and emotional well-being. It is vital for us to support them in becoming independent, confident and resilient learners.

One of the things that makes our sixth form so successful is the strong professional relationships between the students and staff. This foundation is crucial in ensuring that our students excel in their studies.

“There is a real community spirit at St Edward’s. You’ll make friends and relationships for life.”


Our highly motivated and dedicated teaching staff encourage independent investigation, discussion and debate, backed up by excellent resources and a wide-ranging curriculum.

We aim to provide a stimulating, intellectual and supportive environment for our students to achieve their very best. Studying in an environment where you are known as individuals and are supported is very important for success in post-16 education.

Sixth Form students enjoy many privileges and are encouraged to take on responsibilities within the school to develop personal qualities which are important for a successful career. The majority of our students achieve excellent results and progress to university.

We strive to ensure that all of our students leave our Sixth Form with everything they need to face the challenges of the future as confident and independent young adults. It is an experience that enables students to go on to study at high quality universities, including those within the Russell Group, and that prepares them thoroughly for the next stage of their life.

Thomas Gainsborough School Sixth Form

TGS Sixth Form is a vibrant community of students and teachers committed to achieving excellence in everything we do.  As a Sixth Form community, we take great pride in all our achievements and I hope that this website will give you just a little taste of what a special place TGS Sixth Form really is.

At TGS we are committed to offering you not only the highest possible quality of teaching, but also the personalised support and guidance that will allow you to reach your goals.

The dedicated team of sixth form leaders and tutors are here to support you through all your studies in a spirit of trust and mutual respect and in an environment where learning is fun. It is a central characteristic of our community that the high expectations we have of our students are matched by the high expectations our students have of themselves. 

“…not only does Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form help us succeed academically, but they encourage our personal hobbies and interests. Everything Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form offers is about us, the students.”


If your expectations match ours, I would be delighted to hear from you.  I can guarantee that in return we can offer you a highly enjoyable and memorable two years where your academic ambitions will be met in a stimulating atmosphere of care and support.

More photos coming soon…

Felixstowe School Sixth Form

In approaching the next two pivotal years of your life, you need to be in an environment that will challenge you, reward you and have the highest expectations so that you thrive. We believe that Felixstowe School will give you all of this and more.

New exciting and challenging qualifications will prepare students for further studies and careers. We offer both ‘A-Level’ and ‘Vocational’ courses in a broad range of subjects


We offer a wide variety of A Level and vocational subjects and our University style Sixth Form facilities will provide you with the perfect physical environment for learning; allowing you to be independent and able to study at a time and pace that suits your needs.

Our high expectations and emphasis on a growth mindset for academic progress ensure we offer the best possible holistic Sixth Form education available. We want you to fully immerse yourself in Sixth form life, so that you make a difference and shape our unique community.

You will engage in a wide range of enrichment activities to develop your learning and leadership skills. including working with younger students, supporting the community and taking part in several exciting opportunities.

We are proud that our students have high expectations of themselves and welcome all students who have a genuine desire to learn, coupled with a motivation to focus and succeed. If you are interested in being part of such a focused, happy, fulfilling environment in which to complete your Sixth Form studies, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Bury St Edmunds County High

County High’s sixth form offers a range of exciting courses and experiences. From traditional GCE ‘A’ levels to our well-established technical awards, we are able to provide all our students with an excellent foundation to prepare them for the next stage of their lives, whether that is university, college or apprenticeships.  The overwhelming majority make a successful transition to higher education. We take great care to help students find the right course at the right university for them. This includes a comprehensive Oxbridge programme and sees a large number of students move onto Russell Group universities.

“I believe that County High is the place for me. I want a part in the hundreds of opportunities and experiences on offer. The teachers already know me and this will help towards my future as I will be given a better, more personalised education.

The Oxbridge Programme will help me to achieve my goals and push harder to reaching Cambridge University. Overall, County 6th form is a friendly, welcoming place that I want to be part of.”

County HIGH Sixth Form Student, June 2020

Alongside our academic excellence, we are proud to provide a friendly, work orientated environment where great importance is attached to independent learning. This is supported by positive relations between staff and students. Our experienced sixth form tutor team regularly monitors the academic progress of each student and oversees their personal development and wellbeing. A strong pastoral programme of workshops, visiting speakers and visits throughout the year enrich the students’ education and prepares them for the adult world.

Students are actively encouraged to take on leadership roles across the school, to further develop their skills and confidence. All subjects have captains, whose role is to promote the values and ethos of the department, and provide and engage the lower school students in activities. Sixth formers chair the Student Council and many of our societies; they lead some of our fifteen music ensembles; help run drama club and, as Captains of Sport, represent us at a range of events where the department’s success is recognised regionally and beyond.

Our Sixth Form students organise our annual charity week. Engaging the lower school, staff and the wider community across a range of activities, everyone enjoys a fun-filled week around curriculum study to raise tens of thousands of pounds for local and regional charities, whilst promoting the special atmosphere for which County High is renowned.

We warmly welcome you to come and look around for yourself; you won’t be disappointed!