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&iLearn is Unity SP’s trust-wide 1:1 iPad project that will see all children in Year 4 to Year 6 have their own iPad to learn with in class and to take home, over the coming years.  We are convinced that it will inspire our children to take their learning further and give them a greater chance to maximise their progress. 

Over the last 4 years, many primary schools across our Trust have been developing the role of technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom.  Our schools all use a common curriculum across almost all of the subjects we teach and draw upon common resources.  More recently the Trust has worked with school leaders to push on with plans to ensure that all children from Year 4 at least, have access to technology in any lesson the teacher needs them to and that children from Reception to Year 3 will share technology as and when their teacher needs them to.

&iLearn is the project that brings technology and our extensive primary curriculum together, in harmony.  The Trust plan is that over the next 3 years, all children in Years 4 to 6 will have 1:1 use of iPads at school which they’ll be able to bring home to continue and deepen their learning outside of the classroom walls.  From this September, Year 4 will begin bringing their iPads home to launch the project.  Every pupil, from Early Years to Year 3 will have weekly access to an iPad.

Our home learning (homework) strategy is being revised in preparation for &iLearn launch, and our trust-wide primary curriculum has been rewritten to signal opportunities for iPad use to enhance learning.  Our teaching staff are undergoing training to ensure they have the confidence, skills and understanding of how and when to use iPads to enhance learning and, just as importantly, when not to use iPads. 

&iLearn will also include opportunities for families to learn how to use the iPads children are bringing home so families can benefit from the technology too.

(Please see FAQ Document ‘Helpful Information for Pupils and Families for more information)

Project Overview and Benefits

Our children are growing up in a world full of possibility, with future careers that don’t even exist yet. We want to ensure that all our pupils have opportunities to gain the confidence and begin to develop the digital skills and resilience they’ll need to overcome the technology challenges of now and the future. We know that learning can be enhanced and accelerated with technology.

Why iPad and what are the benefits?

iPads are a powerful educational tool that increase student engagement and inspire creativity. They can be used for a huge range of purposes that bring the curriculum to life and provide endless learning possibilities. This maximises student learning and development both inside and outside of the classroom. 

As the requirement for digital skills continues to grow, the use of iPads in schools is becoming more commonplace. Where iPads are used in school on a regular basis, research has shown that they improve maths, English and communication skills, and support an increase in achievement. 

Apple has a strong focus on education and providing products for learning that spark the imagination and enable students to express themselves. There are over 180,000 educational apps on the App Store and iPad seamlessly integrates with other products, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Classroom. 

iPads are known for their ease of use and offer a range of essential features such as all-day battery life, outstanding privacy and e-safety, and excellent collaboration tools. 

How will iPads be used as part of teaching and learning?

iPads are fully integrated into the Unity Schools Partnership’s curriculum.  Through Key Stage 2 the pupils access curriculum content to support their learning and to gauge their progress through quick quizzing.  Feedback on their learning from teachers will be quicker and more detailed.

iPads and their apps (e.g. Showbie) allow pupils to work more independently in class through the in-built tools and apps that support writing practice and spelling. Pupils can capture the instructions and expectations of the learning task so that they have access to this even when the teacher has moved on from this on the class screen.

The core apps and subject-specific apps on the iPads are highly engaging and foster creativity and deep learning. 

The iPads will be for use in the classroom and at home. Pupils will bring them into school every day and take them home every night. Our newly developed Home Learning Policy will reflect this opportunity and tasks to enhance learning beyond the classroom walls will be signposted.

Pupils will be able to save their work into an app that can be accessed by teachers for marking, assessment and feedback to children. A range of educational apps will be downloaded on to the iPads and homework will be set that can be completed on the iPad, providing an engaging learning experience for pupils. 

New apps will be introduced throughout the school year and students will have the opportunity to explore different apps to enhance their independent learning and build upon their interests. 

What’s the impact of iPads?

We continuously enhance our curriculum to make learning more impactful and to ensure that pupils gain the skills required in the modern world. 

The use of iPads plays a critical role in this by increasing engagement in learning, encouraging creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. This project will provide pupils with essential digital skills to maximise their achievement and future success. 

Evidence shows that where similar projects have been run at other schools, they improve maths, English and communication skills, and support an increase in achievement. As an example, at one school, attainment increased by 20% for pupils who used iPads and there was a huge increase in engagement in learning.