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School Support & Improvement

We aim for the best practice anywhere in the country led by successful implementation across the trust.

Working together, Trust Leadership, Headteachers and Central Team:

lead a three year development plan that identifies outstanding practice and established agreed minimum expectations in each area of school life

review and help develop practice through specialist network groups and reviews by peers and experts, and a trust directory of best practice

work towards greater collaboration in the deployment of the collective resources of the trust, with the aim of much greater fluidity of staffing

set sharper expectations in school improvement planning and reviewing progress

Each school is allocated a Director of Education who works alongside the school leadership team to quality assure self-evaluation judgements, agree priorities and then facilitate support from across the trust and our external partners.

In conjunction with support from our central team, our aim is to remove any barriers in order for Headteachers to concentrate on the needs of their school. With that in mind, we hold regular meetings with our schools’ senior leaders and provide solutions to the challenges they are currently facing. Our strength lies in collaboration amongst our schools and central team and the experience and good practice we are able to share. We hold regular heads’ meetings (Primary, Secondary and All) so that we can hear a collective voice and ensure common issues are tackled and successes are celebrated.

In addition, Unity Research School is well-placed to offer support and advice for implementing strategies that are evidence-informed and therefore a best-bet for school improvement.

Our priorities are to build on our work to secure Good schools, and move on to excellence – building on the strengths, experience and passion of individual school leaders and their understanding of their school community and context.

One of the highlights of our year, is our annual USP Professional Development Day. Every June, every member of the trust, whatever their role in the trust, is invited to a enjoy a day of continuing professional development. We arrange an abundance of workshops that include addressing health and wellbeing of staff and students, curriculum, targeted support for pupils, research-evidence strategies, caretakers workshops, guest speakers, Trade Union representatives, TA development, library coordinators. Best of all, it is a chance for everyone from across the trust to meet, share ideas and generally feel connected. The day culminates in a performance by the pop-up USP choir of whatever they have learned in the workshop.