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When asked what makes a great school, I always answer that we want it all for our children – high standards, great joy and every opportunity. A holistic approach is the secret.

Therefore, we strive to ensure so much good work goes on – in and outside the classroom. This is never more true than when we start exam season and, often at the same time, the sun shines bright on our corner of the world and staff and pupils are able to enjoy the great outdoors.

I write this just days before students prepare to begin their GCSE examinations. It is always an important time in any child’s education, but I know every effort has been made to ensure they are ready, both in terms of their learning and also their preparation.

It can be a stressful time, but talking to peers, family members and school staff can help, as well as planning breaks in between revision.

I wish everyone starting their GCSEs and A-level examinations all the very best and know that their hard work will be rewarded.

Alongside this, we want to give as many opportunities as possible to take learning outside – something that should never be underestimated.

Over the Easter holidays, Unity Schools Partnership were delighted to fund two new outdoor learning spaces for the youngest children at Steeple Bumpstead Primary School and West Row Primary Academy.

Both areas were in desperate need of work and the difference a new outdoor space has made to both schools is fantastic to see.

One staff member said: “Our new learning environment is engaging, enabling, stimulating and challenging. There are opportunities for turn-taking, risk-taking, communication and resilience and plenty of scope for investigation and enquiry.”

It is a fantastic explanation as to why these areas are so important for all pupils, and in this case, those in early years.

For anyone living and working in Suffolk, there was a rather big celebration across the county over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Whether you enjoy football or not, regardless of who you may support, we have all been Ipswich Town supporters over the last few days. The whole of Suffolk should enjoy being associated with a club that has defied the odds to win back-to-back promotions and now prepare for life in the Premier League of English football.

And even if you don’t like football, it is still a fantastic achievement which will give such a boost across all areas of Suffolk.

It was a triumph of teamwork, leadership, the whole being greater than the sum and for everyone pulling in the same direction.

It is a great lesson for us all and I would like to congratulate everyone involved in Ipswich Town.