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Proud to have been Schools Partnership Tutors

SP Tutors closed at the end of academic year 2021-22 in light of the fundamental changes made to the Government’s tutoring programme.

SP Tutors was established by Unity Schools Partnership in collaboration with Unity Research School and Norwich Research School and a variety of other educational organisations in the East of England. Its sole purpose was to ensure that schools were supported to make the most of the funding of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) provided by the Department for Education (DfE) with the ultimate goal of having the greatest impact possible on the attainment of pupils most disadvantaged by the pandemic.

“We are so pleased we opted to set up our tuition through SP Tutors. The common sense and principled starting point, of matching us up with a local tutor we knew already, meant that we worked fast through the admin and the support is now securely part of our provision – and having an impact! SP Tutors were always fast and flexible and their professional and personal response mean that we already feel we know the central team! 


In the unique position of being a Tuition Partner designed by schools for schools, and with a focus on quality tutoring, informed by research evidence, we are proud to have educated over 5,000 pupils, supported hundreds of schools and onboarded and trained hundreds of tutors.

We are extremely pleased and proud to have played a part in the Government’s plan to embed tutoring in schools and to have been able to work with schools towards healing the damage done to pupils’ education by Covid-19.

“Using SP Tutors has allowed us to support some of our most vulnerable pupils. It has allowed us to tap in to the Government’s tutor funding so that we can make our budget go further. The team have always been on hand to answer my questions and support with the process of setting up the blocks and sessions. We are already seeing the impact of tutoring and it’s only been a few weeks. The pupils are engaged and confident in the sessions.”


By the end of academic year 2021-2022, schools had gained the capacity and understanding to organise their own tuition and could access initiatives such as School-Led Tutoring, so it was the right time to step away from being a tuition partner.

The tutors we trained are able to continue to make use of their experience and our training, for the benefit of pupils, by using their skills in schools which can employ them directly.

We sincerely hope tutoring remains a successful part of the education landscape in the knowledge that evidence shows that small group tutoring has a positive impact on pupils’ learning and attainment.

We advocate any intervention that provides equity of education for pupils, especially those that are socio-economically disadvantaged and were disproportionately affected by the pandemic and school closures.

We have been so happy with Kate and the children have made unbelievable progress in their reading/writing, as well as their confidence. Kate has been so diligent in planning, resourcing and giving feedback to teachers and myself. The children have been so excited to attend tutoring, and that is due to Kate’s amazing nurturing personality and high standards.

This has been a very successful block of tutoring…

Thank you Kate and thanks SP Tutors…

Primary Headteacher – London