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Pupils at Abbots Green Academy were visited by Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a special visit to the Bury St Edmunds primary school.

Mr Johnson visited a Year 2 London themed activity and Year 3 history lesson on Mummification before meeting with school leaders and team captains and being interviewed by regional media.

Ang Morrison, headteacher at Abbots Green Academy, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to our school.

“As a school we embrace any opportunity that comes our way and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to share our Rainbow values and vision that we grow each day.

“Even from a young age, our children develop a strong interest in developing a democratic community. So it was such a memorable opportunity for our pupils to ask the Prime Minster some pertinent questions and show their enthusiasm for the society they live in.

“The look on their face when they saw the Prime Minister walking into the classroom was an unforgettable moment for us all.”

Mr Johnson was also greeted by deputy headteacher Jo Uttley, and members of the Senior Leadership team.

Tim Coulson, chief executive of Unity Schools Partnership, of which Abbots Green is a member, said: “It was an amazing day for all concerned and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for school staff and pupils.

“As a trust, we welcomed the opportunity to speak to the Prime Minster about educational policy and, in particular, we welcome the promised increase in school funding.

“Both the trust and the school were delighted to have this opportunity to host the Prime Minster and would extend a visit to any candidates from any of the political parties to our schools.”