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After the stop-start, uncertain nature of the last two years, it is wonderful seeing students simply pick up their A-level and vocational results and celebrate their achievements.

Across our schools and across the country, the hard work and determination of students has been recognised today as they found out their results – and began planning their next steps in education or the world of work.

We know it has been a really tough two years for all. Students have often had to combine the classroom with working from home and we have seen such high levels of staff and student absence.

To get to this point, where we can talk about a ‘normal’ results day, is an achievement in itself.

But despite the obstacles, students’ hard work has once again shone through, ably supported by their families and their schools across two years like no other.

The schools have improved on results in 2019, the last time there were national examinations. But there is no need to compare any results against algorithms or computers.

It is simply a chance to say well done and congratulate each and every student as they achieve the grades needed for the next stage of their journey.

I am very proud of all our school staff who have supported and guided students over the last two years and beyond.

No one was ready for what has happened over the last two years, but staff adapted and have shown flexibility and commitment to ensure the needs of students were always put first.

I thank them all – just as I congratulate all our students.

By Tim Coulson, Chief Executive, Unity Schools Partnership