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Students throughout the Samuel Ward trust responded with good-will and ingenuity to raise money to support communities affected by the natural disaster, which shook the lives of at least 8m people in Nepal. 

At Newmarket Academy Students built a mountain of coins for the Earthquake appeal. Here, Mr Froy thanks those who took part: 

“On behalf of Lel I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to this.  Approximately £150 was raised for the appeal and I was personally very touched by the response because my daughter is still doing voluntary work out there.  Do please thank the students who gave to this worthwhile cause. Newmarket Academy decided that they needed to do something as a community to raise money for Red Cross after the disaster in Nepal.  Students came up with the idea of collecting coins and building a pile to represent Mt Everest. Students were asked to bring in any spare coins for the event”

On Thursday lunchtime they gathered to count all the coins and piled them up into a mountain.  ​

It took a little longer than a single lunchtime to count all of the loose change, but over £150 was raised overall!

“Seeing the disaster on television, we knew that we had to do something to help” said student Emily Gleed,  “We are so grateful to all of the students and staff that donated money”.

Students of F5AWi at Newmarket Academy also held a cake sale on May 1st.

 “With the devastation unimaginable, with villages completely destroyed, we wanted to do something for those who are in urgent need of our help”.

The students made cakes to sell at break time, the response to their efforts were so wonderful the students were able to handover £47.60p for the Red Cross Relief Appeal by lunch time!

Mrs Wilson their Tutor said “I was very proud of the students, who all worked together and planned the event so well” 

Meanwhile, at Samuel Ward Academy, an energetic group of year 7’s danced all week in assemblies to raise money for the appeal.