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“Every day is different and I can make a difference”.

“I have a chance to guide and support children from a young age”.

“I work in a dynamic and vibrant environment”.

I am always in awe of anyone and everyone who works in the education sector and their reasons for doing so.

Working in schools, no matter how big or small, can be fulfilling and challenging in equal measure.

As with any job, there are good days and bad days. And as with any sector, the last two years has seen unprecedented challenges that no one could have foreseen.

But school staff have continually risen to these challenges and be driven to put young people first.

The education profession is an amazing one to be part where people can make a difference every single day of their working lives.

We are delighted to be shining a spotlight on the profession with a special online recruitment evening on Monday 25th April. Please visit our website – www.unitysp.co.uk – to find out more.

Schools should help shape young people, and young minds, so they can move forward and make a difference on their doorstep and beyond.

Make no mistake, it is a special profession to be part of. There are examples of that every day of every week.

Just last week, our schools from across Bury St Edmunds joined together in a celebration of music at the beautiful St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

It was a wonderful occasion to be part of and an amazing spectacle of simply seeing schools join up and take part together.

Elsewhere, school trips, both locally and across the country, have been taking part as students once again benefit from a valuable enrichment programme.

Successful charity events have become a feature of recent weeks as have sporting achievements, both individual and collective.

Schools are preparing to hold celebrations to mark the Queen’s Jubilee, only this week one of our primary schools were featured on local radio as part of a Suffolk-wide spring clean.

These are all things that make schools, and the entire teaching profession, so great and powerful.

We know these are difficult times as Covid once again hits schools – and society – up and down the country.

But once again, our leaders, and all our school staff, have risen to the challenge with amazing dedication and commitment.

That has been a constant for the last two year, but we must never take it for granted.

I would like to wish all our schools, staff, students and families a very restful and peaceful Easter holidays.

By Tim Coulson, Chief Executive, Unity Schools Partnership