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The importance of school governors should never be underestimated.

A strong governing board, all pulling together and offering something different and positive, can be the difference between a successful school and a struggling one.

At Unity Schools Partnership, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring each of our schools benefit from strong governors all providing a crucial oversight role.

As with all aspects of our work, the 250 governors across all our schools are there to support and challenge each other.

Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising academy standards.

Within the Unity Schools Partnership and our member school, governors play a key role. We are proud to support them in their roles and to support them within our key principles of governance – namely that children come first in every decision and that no challenge is too much to drive improvement.

We have recently updated our handbook for governors and we hold a governor conference once a year.

Why would someone become a school governor? You could help support the general direction of a school and the work of the headteacher while also question and challenge as and when is required. Quite simply, you can make a direct difference in improving standards.

To find out more about becoming a governor within Unity Schools Partnership, please contact BPoynter@unitysp.co.uk.

Another key aspect of Unity Schools Partnership is research and we were delighted to learn that we have been successful in our reapplication for our Research School.

Under the guidance of Andy Samways, this has been a jewel in our crown and I would like to pay tribute to everyone who has embraced, participated and led work in the Research School.

We are committed to championing great teaching at every opportunity and supporting the growth of evidence-informed practice in our region. Our work is seeing increasing use of research evidence to inform changes to classroom practice – and this is testimony to everyone’s hard work.

The successful reapplication also means we remain part of the Research School Network and also additional responsibility to provide support for the Ipswich Associate Research School.

Finally, the half term ended with a rather special occasion at Laureate Primary Academy in Newmarket.

Following an accident involving one of their pupils, the school and community has rallied round the pupil and her family and shown what a strong support network there is in the town and beyond.

On Friday, this culminated with a fundraising walk that saw 20,052 laps completed by staff, students, ex-students, neighbouring schools and the community.

A truly incredible effort by all and a shining example of a school and a community working in perfect harmony.